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I'm morningsongbirdsandcurlytresses. I am a struggling college student who is one of the world’s biggest nerds. Here on my blog is where I get to fangirl and geek out as much as I want and get all the feels I could ever possibly need. Thank you for following me (if you do-) and have a wonderful day!
(My links are going to take you to where some of my fandoms come form.)
~*ALSO I want to give a boisterous song of praise to my dear friend Flynn Smith. He is a great photographer, master at movie making, and an over all amazing person. Soo, you should check out his web page.*~


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"and the journey continues…"

"and the journey continues…"




filed under: things celebrities say that the media sweeps under the rug to continue making controversy over them being “awful role models”


I fucking love Nicki Minaj


Merida for Maria <3.

Happy Birthday!


This is what my husband and I purchased at the grocery store the other day.

We don’t have kids.

We are adults. We pay bills.
And drink water from a whale.



Hiccstrid Parallels (2/?) 


omg I’ve always loved Astrid for this. She doesn’t just try and talk to him at a normal level, because she knows he avoids eye contact. He’s used of a life of people LITERALLY looking down at him, so he just escapes by glancing downward when he feels inadequate. But she won’t have it from him— she gets down ON HIS LEVEL and makes him look up. Makes him see what she sees: somebody worthwhile and worth looking straight in the eye.


I love how Toothless always waits for an apology

Hercules Storyboard.